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Original Stone marking 1/4 corner between Sections 22 and 27, T 27 S, R 69 W, 6th Principal Meridian

Working in a "Public Land" state means having to find or re-establish the corners set in the original surveys of the public domain. In our area that means looking for corners set in the mid to late 1800's.


GPS has allowed our company to be more productive and competitive. Centimeter accuracy is quickly achieved with Real Time Kinematic processing.

The survey of the "Public Domain" was begun in 1785 using such tools as a compass and chain, which was 66 feet long!

Many of the original monuments placed by the early surveyors were "pits and Mounds". A hole was dug, the earth mounded beside and a charred stake was left in the pit. Many of the corners in our area were of this type, which makes the search for a property boundary challenging!

When available, the corners to the individual Sections were marked with a Sandstone or other suitable stone. These were place typically in a mound of stone and the location of the stone was chiseled on the rock by means of hash marks on the south and east faces of the stone. 1 mark on the south and 1 mark on the east meant that the corner was 1 approximately 1 mile west and 1 mile north of the Township corner.