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What is an ILC?

An ILC is an Improvement Location Certificate. It is typically used by a lender to determine if there are any problems with marketable title and to remove the survey exceptions from a title policy. It is NOT a boundary survey! We do not set missing corners unless asked for. If we do set the property corners then the survey becomes an Improvement Location Survey.

When do I need survey?

Are you building a fence or new home or selling a portion of your property or buying a piece of property that your not sure about?

Those are just some of the reasons one should have a survey of their property. An accurate survey of a parcel of land is like an insurance policy. It costs, but it sure beats finding out that your house isn't on the property you own! And believe it or not, it happens more often than you would think!

Can I use my GPS unit to survey my lot?

Not really. A hand held GPS is just not accurate enough for survey grade applications. The handheld units might get you close enough to look for your corners if you knew the coordinate geometry of the point you were looking for. Latitude and longitude positions can be loaded into a handheld unit and used for a corner search of aliquot corners in the public lands, which may get you within 50 feet or so. Our units can measure to within a centimeter or better, however, our units cost $50,000 dollars!

My lot has been surveyed, now I cant find my corners!

Typically when your lot or parcel of land gets surveyed, the surveyor will place a permanent marker flush with the ground. It will typically be a re-bar, from 1/2" to 3/4" and 12" to 24" deep with his or her license number imprinted on a cap. The caps might be plastic or metal. If your corner is a portion of a public lands survey, you may have an aluminum cap 3" or more placed at the corners. These may be covered with grass, dirt or any number of things. A metal detector and shovel is usefull in finding your corners. If all else fails call a surveyor.

I want my property surveyed. How much will it cost?

A 1/4 acre lot in a monumented subdivision may only cost a few hundred dollars. A portion of a section of land may cost a few thousand. Without a complete legal description of the property, it can vary by many factors. Have your property description available when you call a surveyor and explain exactly why you need the survey.

I have been told I need a Flood Survey! Whats that?

A Flood Elevation Certificate is the form used to state whether or not your property or home lies in a designated flood zone. A FEMA map will show the flood zones in the area of your home. The "survey" will determine the flood elevation and if the property or buildings are in a designated zone, typically the 100 year zone.